Eight Exciting Things to do During Your Hen Party in Budapest

Every bride deserves an unforgettable hen night/weekend, and she deserves to have as much fun as possible on her “last night.” The success of this hen depends on a few things, like your bridal party, your budget, and very importantly, the location of your event. Budapest is one great place to hold your hen party; there are lots of fun and exciting things for you and the girls to do. Here are eight of these activities that promise to give you long-lasting memories.

●        Beer Bike

Nothing says wild and exciting like drinking nicely brewed cold beers while riding on a multi-person bicycle round Budapest. That is a great way to make fun and lasting memories with your bridal party. You get a tour of the City while indulging in some of the freshly-poured brews that are famous in Budapest. The bicycles seat a minimum of 8 persons and are quite safe and comfy.

budapest beer bike

●        Pole Dancing

This one is a popular, and slightly cheesy hen night activity. But pole dancing in Budapest is on a whole other level. Here, within a short time, you can get dance lessons from real pole dancers and have fun grinding, twirling, and sliding all night long. With pole dancing, you and your girls get an excellent workout and tons of pictures of you having the best last night.

●        Cocktail Making Lessons

Here is an add-on to your skills – Cocktail making. During your hen party in Budapest, there are tons of places you can go for lessons on how to make your favorite cocktail. The best part is you get to take and enjoy the results. So have fun with your bridal party and learn a skill you can show-off when you get home.

●        Private Boat Cruise

One beautiful feature of Budapest is the Danube River that runs through the City. There can’t be better way to explore than by going on a private boat cruise on the river. It is a relaxing activity and helps you take your mind off any stress/anxiety you might be feeling over your upcoming wedding. Plus, if you want to turn things up a notch, the boats have onboard bars with enough booze to go round.

Budapest cruise

●        Ruin Bars

No visit to this city is complete without a pub crawl around the Ruin bars of the Jewish quarter. These rustic bars are an institution, and they are perfect for your hen party in Budapest. Drinks are cheap, and these bars are popular with the locals so that you can be sure of an authentic experience of the Budapest pub scene.

budapest ruin pubs

●        Thermal Baths at Szechenyi

Another famous attraction of this city are the thermal baths at Szechenyi. These baths are open to members of the public. So you can give a few hours of your itinerary to relaxing in its warm, soothing waters. Also, by sundown, some baths here get wild with parties and dancing.

●        The Chain Bridge

One interesting fact about this city is that it is split in two by the River Danube. One half is Pest, the more traditional and chic area; the other is Buda, the more creative and artistic neighborhood. Both sides are connected by the Chain Bridge, built in the 1840s. A walk on this bridge gets you a remarkable view of both parts of the City, and you can get this fun activity ticked off at any time.

budapest chain bridge

●        Trabant Tour

The Trabant is a cute car made in the ’50s from lightweight Duroplast, and about three million of these cars were produced. You can sign up for a fun drive around Budapest. You get special driving lessons. One Trabant takes two people, and you get access to a delicious meal at a top-notch Hungarian restaurant.