Budapest Airport Transfer Explained

Getting to and from Budapest’s international airport is no rocket science. However, that doesn’t mean it is completely hassle-free. Every Budapest airport transfer has its good and bad sides. Here we will explain transfer options, so you can make your mind what works for you best and what not.

Airport Bus

The bus you need to catch is marked as 100E that will take you straight to the city center. The best part about is that it’s cheap, just 3€. The only cheaper option is another bus – 200E. However, that will take you only to the closest metro station which is located at the outskirts of the city. The one-way ticket is 1.15€, but you will need to spend additional money on a metro ticket.

Thanks to the low price, there is always plenty of people waiting for the bus so it can be quite crowdy. Sometimes because of the crowd, you will need to wait for the next one to arrive. Then there is your luggage that you need to carry with you. Bunch of people and luggage at times can be a bit overwhelming.

Airport Taxi

All taxis in Budapest are yellow, by law and it is not possible to get a flat fee from the airport to the city center, or whatever destination in the city. Only a small percentage of the local taxi drivers speak any English or at all. Therefore communication is often an issue.

The alternative to the standard airport taxi is welcome pickups. This is a company that allows online booking, an English speaking driver that will wait for you at your exit gateway, and 24/7 support. Even if your flight is running late they guarantee that your driver will arrive to pick you up from the airport. Their rates are as same as the ones offered by every other taxi, just that you get all those things mentioned above.