Budapest Airport Taxi

Getting to and from the Budapest Ferenc Liszt International airport has never been easier due to the very reliable options at your disposal. One can either avail the super-cheap, but most times over-crowded bus or book a car.

Booking a car with a chauffeur to wait for you at the airport sounds like something reserved only for VIPs or the super-rich. However, thanks to technology and a bunch of smart people, all that and even more is possible for a great rate. A rate that matches the average Budapest airport taxi rate for a ride from the airport to the city center, and vice versa.

Welcome pickups is a startup that makes all the possible. Anyone can book an airport transfer to the city center or anywhere in Budapest through their online platform. The airport transfer with welcome pickups include:

  • English speaking chauffeur that will be waiting for you at your designated airport exit even if your flight is running late.
  • 24/7 customer support in case you have any questions or something unpredicted has happened.
  • The welcome pickup fees are the same as regular taxi fees. Unfortunately, it is not possible to set a flat fee. Instead, the fare is metered fairly.
  • No luggage fees. Instead, the drivers take care of the luggage for you so you don’t bother.
  • The driver is trained to answer any of your questions in a polite manner and help you out during your ride.

A standard airport taxi is also an option, but it has its own limitations. Most of the taxi drivers speak little to no English, their fees can vary because of road conditions, and might charge you extra for the luggage. All of which is not an issue if you go with welcome pickups.