Airport Shuttle Services from Budapest Airport

The Budapest international airport is one of the busiest in Hungary. Thousands of passengers pass through its gates daily. Getting to and from the airport is something that matters a lot to most travelers.

Catching a Budapest airport shuttle is one way to get from or to the airport. It’s cheap, but that’s pretty much the only thing one can like about it as it is often crowded, you need to take care of your luggage, and it can be pretty slow. Sometimes it is so overcrowded that you need to wait for the next one because the one in front of you is packed with people.

But if you are the bus type that likes to mingle and socialize, the airport shuttle will serve its purpose just fine. The bus that will get you to the city is marked 100E. One-way ticket costs just 3€ and the trip to the city center is around half an hour, it depends on the traffic and road conditions. The 200E bus can also get you to the city, but only to the Kobanya-Kispest metro station, not the center. If you want to get to the center you need to use the metro. A one-way ticket with 200E will cost you 1.15€.

In case you want something more convenient, transport that doesn’t include waiting for buses, rubbing shoulders with strangers in a packed bus, and wondering which station is yours, then you need to check welcome pickups.

Welcome pickup offers the same rates as a regular taxi, but with a twist, a very cool twist. You get an English speaking chauffer that will wait for you on your gateway exit, even if your flight is late. The pre-agreed fee remains flat no matter what; road maintenance, rush hour, nothing of that matters. And 24/7 support in case you have some questions related to their services.